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Industrial Waste-Water Remediation

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Disposal Well Tank Bottom Treatment

Oil and Water SeparationEvery year the oil industry transports millions of barrels of produced water to salt water disposal facilities. This water, typically contains high quantities of low viscosity fluids and solids which can’t be disposed of using traditional methods.

The fluids and solids eventually coalesce into a thick sludge, which can contain high levels of radioactive materials (NORM) as well as bound oil. Over a period of time the sludge accumulates at the bottom of the tanks at the disposal well resulting in an expensive liability requiring an alternative disposal method.

What the technologists at NOAH have discovered is that the NORM and oil are bound up in the Iron Sulphate which is prevalent in oil field water.

Using our proprietary electro-coagulation technology and our extensive experience treating waste water, we have been able to develop a process that not only treats the sludge, but also recovers the bound oil.

Our system therefore not only solves the disposal challenge, it also turns what used to be a liability into an asset though recovering the oil.

Disposal Well Water Treatment Process