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Organic Wastewater Treatment

Sewage Discharged into a RiverOrganic waste, whether from human or animal sources, is generally stored in large holding tanks where it is hoped that anaerobic bacterial processes will reduce the biomass to a point where it can be discharged. The reality is that anaerobic processes are slow, inefficient, and rarely produce the desired result. Thus the effluent is regularly discharged into the environment in an unhealthy state.

Cow and pig manure is typically spread in a raw form onto fields inflicting its noxious odor widely over the surrounding communities. Human waste is often just brought to a minimal treatment level and once achieved, is highly chlorinated and released into the environment. In either case the resulting effluent pollutes the land, water, and air.

NOAH HIOS systems are uniquely designed to address all forms of organic contamination and to quickly and efficiently treat the water,  rendering it not just purified but enriched with oxygen, full of nutrients, and highly effective for agricultural purposes.

Manure Lagoons

Manure Lagoon before ApplicationOn most dairy, hog, and poultry farms in North America the animal manure is washed into a large holding lagoon where anaerobic processes begin to work on the organic material. The result is a huge, odor producing swamp of unhealthy biomass. Twice a year the farmer is allowed to spread the manure on their fields filling the air with noxious fumes.

Our HIOS system can turn a lagoon with a four foot thick crust into clear high nutrient water in just a few short weeks.We can eliminate the odor, the complaints, and the green house gases the lagoon produces and turn it into a farm asset.

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Small Community Sewage Systems

Small Community Sewage SystemsSmall communities have significant challenges dealing with their sewage responsibly. Treating sewage with traditional sewage treatment methods can cost millions of dollars, well above the ability of most communities to afford it. Communities that cannot afford sewage treatment are left with antiquated systems that are incapable of dealing with their waste management needs. These systems often discharge raw sewage into the environment with little or no treatment cuasing widespread damage to the natural water systems. 

NOAH HIOS systems are specifically designed to work with the existing infrastructure to provide a comprehensive sewage treatment plan that doesn't just minimally treat the water but renders it to a state where it can have a healthy effect on the environment. The design aslo helps mitigate challenges when excessive amounts of water are introduced into the system during a storm surge or flood.