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NOAH Mustang - Hydraulic Fracking Water Remediation

The NOAH Mustang provides effective treatment of Hydraulic Fracturing flow back/produced water to whatever standards of output is desired—from treat and reuse to treat and release to environment.
The Mustang is not only capable of treating the wastewater but it can also render the solids and other by-products to a state where they can safely and inexpensively be disposed of or many cases used for other purposes.

How is NOAH Different?

The NOAH technology uses a proprietary Electro-coagulation (EC) process and a patented Dehumidification process to achieve:

  • High volume of throughput
  • High recovery of wastewater
  • Treatment of over 250,000ppm TDS water
  • Low energy
  • Low maintenance, membraneless process
  • Easy disposal of reject material

Proven Technology

Our EC technology has a proven track record in the oil and gas fields of Texas and Colorado. With this technology we can rapidly reduce the TDS of water and remove the harmful components of the solids.
Our patented dehumidification process is capable of returning 150ppm TDS water and rendering the salt content to either a highly concentrated brine or further treated to produce granular road salt.

High Volume

Our basic Mustang unit is capable of treating over 30,000bbl of flow back/produced water and rendering both the wastewater and the treated proppant into a form that is suitable for environmental discharge.

The Six Keys

In order for a water treatment solution to offer a viable option to an oil and gas company it first needs to be able to satisfy the “Six Keys”.

  1. Foot Print:

    A remediation unit can not occupy too much of the valuable foot print of a work site. The basic Mustang only occupies a 60’ x 60’ space.
  2. Power Consumption

    The Mustang can deliver over 30,000bbl treated water for reuse with a 150 kW generator and water suitable for discharge with a 300 kW source.
  3. Treat High TDS Water

    There is really no limit on the TDS the Mustang system can treat, easily handling 250,000ppm water and higher if necessary.
  4. Mobility

    The Mustang system can be rigged down, moved and rigged up, by three hands in one day.
  5. Daily Volume

    Our basic Mustang unit treats over 30,000bbl (5000 m3) water. Smaller units can be constructed for low volume sites and several units can be combined for large volume depots.
  6. Minimal Sludge

    The Mustang EC unit produces up to 75% less sludge than comparable chemical treatment systems.
    The process itself reduces the elements that cause scaling and as it a membraneless process there is minimal downtime due to maintenance.