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Mine Water Remediation Services

Mine Tailings Storage FacilityThe mining process can create vast volumes of waste water and increasingly stakeholders are becoming more vocal about how that impacts the quality of surrounding surface water and groundwater. Although mining accounts for only 4% of the water use in Canada it does still represent a significant environmental concern.

The NOAH system has been developed to address these concerns using an effective, low cost, low energy, environmentally-friendly method that can not only meet the environmental criteria for discharge but the water is often of a better quality than the background water.

Water Use at Mine Sites

The amount of water used at a mine depends on its size, the minerals being extracted, and the extraction process used.

Water is used and stored on mine sites for mining operations, for mineral processing and metal recovery, controlling dust, and meeting the needs of workers on site. Metal mines that chemically process ore to concentrate metals such as copper and gold use much more water than other mines.

Each use of water requires a different treatment method for re-use and/or disposal. We have designed NOAH systems to address concerns at each phase of the operation. Our systems can remediate the most toxic of water problems to make the water available for reuse, as well as reduce the mineral content of tailing’s pond water for discharge. In addition we can provide drinking water and sewage systems for the on-site workers.

Uses for Treated Water

NOAH doesn’t just purify water, NOAH leaves water with a healthy mineralization, balanced pH, and highly oxygenated.  makes it very effective for:

  • Re-use in the mining process.
  • Release to the environment, where it is often of a higher quality than the background water.
  • Agricultural applications
  • Livestock or human consumption

Because of its natural demineralization the water isn’t just clean, it is healthier than most natural water systems.