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Manure Lagoon Treatment

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Manure Lagoon before Application Manure Lagoon after 1 Week Manure Lagoon after 4 Weeks
Before After 1 Week After 2 Weeks

Take action on climate change by converting your livestock waste into a valuable high nutrient asset.

Take action on climate change by converting your livestock waste into a valuable high nutrient asset.

The UN/FAO – United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s report released in Nov 2006, titled “Livestock’s Long Shadow – Environmental Issues and Options” notes the following:

Livestock produces an astonishing 18% of all greenhouse gases, more than all fossil-fuelled transportation combined – by land, sea and sky. Livestock occupy 30% or the earth’s arable land surface and permanent pasture.

Of all human related greenhouse gas producing activities, the livestock sector accounts for the largest share:

9% of CO2 – Carbon Dioxide Emissions
65% of Nitrous Oxide, which has 296 times the global warming potential of CO2
37% of Methane, which has 23 times the global warming potential of CO2
64% of Ammonia, a major chemical component in acid rain

According to the UN News Centre “the livestock business is among the most damaging sectors to the earth’s increasingly scarce water resources, contributing among other things to water pollution from animal wastes, antibiotics and hormones, chemicals from tanneries, fertilizers and the pesticides used to spray feed crops.”

It has been said in the press, “We all want to save the environment and prevent climate change – but just don’t ask us to make any radical lifestyle changes”. Next you will see how we can make a few small changes with big results by using the NOAH HIOS manure lagoon remediation system.

NOAH HIOS Manure Lagoon Remediation System.

Manure Lagoon Remediation System.Here you have a typical manure lagoon as seen on the majority of dairy, hog, and poultry farms.

Our HIOS system can turn this lagoon with a four foot thick crust into clear, high nutrient water in just a few short weeks.

You can be rid of all the smells, the complaints and the stress from your green house gas producing cesspit, and turn it into a farm asset.

What is a HIOS system and what does it do?

High Impact Oxygen System Control Panel and Pump
HIOS suspension raft with dual oxygen jet circulators
HIOS stands for High Impact Oxygen System and it is a hybrid between our electrical ionization technology and floating dual oxygen jet circulators, which keep the super oxygenated water turning throughout the lagoon. The super oxygenated water enables the aerobic bacteria to thrive and consume organic solids in the water. The resultant end product of the breakdown of organic waste matter by the aerobic bacteria is similar to worm castings; it is full of vital nutrients and beneficial to the land in many ways, including as a soil conditioner and fertilizer that can be applied at any time of the year.

In the upper right photograph, you can see the control panel and pumps for the HIOS system; these drive the super oxygenated water through big hoses to the suspension raft with the dual oxygen jet circulators, as seen in the photograph below.

How do you use the HIOS system?

In the USA all dairy farms have a manure contract where they are allowed to take the contents of the lagoon and spread it on their fields twice a year. The procedure for this is for the farmer to stir the lagoon with a long propeller. The smelly liquid slurry is then pumped to the manure tank wagon, and application equipment mounted on the back of a tractor spread it over the fields.

HIOS system for Manure LagoonsIt is this slurry that causes pollutants to go into the soil and run off back into the water table, these same pollutants are full of antibiotics, hormones, e-coli and other pathogens... The NOAH technology helps prevent this from happening, by creating a product that has no odor, no sludge and can be applied with standard irrigation equipment.

The super oxygenated water that is produced from this system enables the farmer to use far less water, chemicals and power to produce a high nutrient crop with a longer shelf life.

The way this accomplished is to keep the manure in the lagoon and to treat it continually with our HIOS technology, it is easy to do, fast and affordable. Our system uses no chemicals and is 100% Green technology and Organic.

As seen in the picture above, the HIOS suspension raft with the dual oxygen jet circulators is floating on the top of the lagoon. During the first week of treatment, there will be 4-6 inches of foam that will cover the entire lagoon. We interpret this as the indicator of intense aerobic bacterial activity consuming the organic manure solids. The odor will increase for 2-3 days and then will become negligible as the aerobic bacteria colonies thrive and multiply, doing their work fed by the super oxygenated water produced by the NOAH system.

This is the same lagoon after only two weeks of treatment.

Manuare Lagoon after HIOS treatmentThe lagoon is alive, blue, and there is little evidence of the organic solids that once formed a four foot thick crust only a couple of weeks before. The output of this NOAH HIOS system has the capacity to continually stir the water delivering the super-oxygenated water to the entire lagoon. 

After four to five weeks the lagoon is completely clean and able to digest all manure coming into it in a matter of hours. The water is now very high in nutrients and can be applied at any time of the year, especially in the hot summer months when water is most scarce.

The super-oxygenated, nutrient rich water when spread on the fields quickly enters the soil and enriches the land enabling farmers to produce higher quality fodder with a longer shelf life.

Graph of Lab Results from Manure Lagoon Remediation

Parameter Before *RL Date Units After *RL Date
Copper 120 0.1 12 Feb mg/L 7.12 0.01 01 Mar
Potassium 718 10 12 Feb mg/L 187 1 01 Mar
B.O.D./5day 142,200 2.0 12 Feb mg/L 133 2.0 01 Mar
Nitrate as Nitrogen 0.42 0.10 12 Feb mg/L 0.27 0.05 01 Mar
Phosphorus 67 2.0 12 Feb mg/L 19 0.40 01 Mar
Total Suspended Solids 4,000 100 12 Feb mg/L 2,300 100 01 Mar
These are actual tests done in Phoenix Labs Connecticut, and available upon request
*RL = Reporting Limit

The results are dependent on the type of water, percent of organic biomass, temperature, metals and mineral conditions. The resulting water is now super-oxygenated, odorless, and high in nutrients.

Once the lagoon is clear from the organic bio-solids the next stage is to install a series of continuous flow dividers. HIOS Waste Management System.

The NOAH Water Conditioning Technologies have multiple beneficial applications. They can be used for any water issue in both pre and post treatment, and in all aspects of agriculture, waste management, and industry. They are especially useful in hard water and drought prone areas.

The technology can also be applied to chicken egg washing systems. The NOAH HIOS system is scalable and can be made very small, or can run in series for larger contaminated water projects. 

The HIOS system is a complete 100% green technology solution for all contaminated water treatment requirements.

There is no other technology that we are aware of that can do what the NOAH HIOS Systems can do with such efficiency and affordability.