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Livestock Feed Water System

The system contains two parts:

  1. Livestock Feedwater SystemElectrical Ionized Conditioning unit
  2. A colloidal nutrient

These parts work together to provide unmatched results.

The water is electrically conditioned through an enhanced patented process, reducing the cluster size of the water (making it finer) and providing a surfactant quality. As the water is conditioned Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is released. A colloidal nutrient is then injected into the conditioned water to provide a complete custom solution for all types of livestock.

This "conditioned" water serves as an excellent carrier for the custom formulated Colloidal Nutrient giving the livestock optimum health and vitality. This system is designed to be an addition to complement all types of feedwater systems; it can be used in all systems, with all mediums and combined with any nutrient or food.

This Hybrid ionized water conditioning system has been tested in farming for eleven years with great success. It has remarkable benefits in every facet of farming and will truly revolutionize the way we farm.

Dairy Benefits

  • Dairy Farm BenefitsIncreased milk yield (3-5 lbs. per day per cow) more info
  • Higher quality milk
  • Lower mortality rates for calves, heifers, and producers
  • Improved digestion - reduced odor & gas
  • Lowers somatic cell count
  • Less feed consumed
  • Manure lagoon remediation - more info
  • NOAH foot wart control system - eliminates the use of copper in treating hoof disease

Chicken Benefits

  • Chicken Feeding SystemsReduced mortality rate from 5+% to 1.3%, achieving a 300gm weight gain per week with 5% less feed.
  • Chickens were ready for market in 38 days (with a two week hiatus from using the system). Typical results are market ready in 35-38 days with the highest feed to growth ratio, very strong bones, no antibiotics, and no growth hormones.

Turkey Benefits

  • Turkey Feedwater SystemDesigned Poultry Feed Water system for Dakota turkey grower. Designed to reduce turkey mortality, shorten time to market and produce a healthier, better quality bird at lower cost. This particular grower had exceptionally hard water (high magnesium) and this system is designed to address this issue and solve the problem.