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HIOS Waste Management System

 HIOS Waste Management System

This is typically the way a new contaminated water lagoon is built using BlueGold Labs Green Technology before it is initially put in use. It is also the way to convert a standard manure lagoon after it has been fully remediated and treated with the HIOS aerobic system.

This system divides the lagoon into four or more sections (cells), and converts the lagoon into a continuous flow, irrigation ready system. (A hog farm has the requirement for more cells as hogs produce more manure organic bio-solids.) The first cell on the right of this diagram shows the influent site where the manure organic bio-solids, or contaminated water enters the system.

In this first cell are two HIOS rafts powered by the blowers which keep the super oxygenated water continually circulating. In this section is also the first of two electrical frequency unit transducers which allow for the large release of dissolved oxygen into the water. It is this dissolved oxygen which helps feed the aerobic bacteria which digest the organic bio-solids; 21 times faster than anaerobic greenhouse gas producing bacteria.

The best quality water from the first cell passes by way of a special divider into the second cell where the aerobic bacteria continue to digest the organic bio-solids. The best water continues through another special divider into the third cell and at this point there is very little trace of organic bio-solids in the water.

The water continues through the last divider into the forth cell. Situated in this forth and last cell is the second electrical frequency unit releasing more dissolved oxygen into the water; part of this super oxygenated water is fed back through a return pipe to the first cell at the influent site. This super oxygenated nutrient rich water helps the aerobic bacterial colonies in the first cell grow and thrive.
The super oxygenated water from the last cell is now completely clear of all organic bio-solids; it is odourless. Rich in beneficial bacteria and the end product can be compared to worm castings as its very high in plant-available soluble nutrients. It may now be applied through regular irrigation equipment to the fields at any time of year.

Cleans Irrigation Pipes and Nozzles

An additional benefit of the electronic conditioning process is it prevents and reverses the build up of mineral calcification on the inside of the irrigation pipes and nozzles; this is especially useful in hard water areas. So as high nutrient water is feeding the crops, its cleaning the pipes.

Promotes Plant Growth and Health

As this super oxygenated water is sprayed on the field it also contains a positive electrical charge which allows the water to bond with the negatively charged minerals in the upper layers of the soil, improving soil texture. This keeps the moisture in the grow zone longer so the soluble nutrients are more bio-available to the plants to support healthy growth.

Reduces chemical usage

A healthy plant is less stressed which keeps away pests and allows for less use of pesticides, producing a more nutritious crop and higher yields. Farmers also report an improved root growth, better plant germination and growth, higher brix ratings and longer shelf life.

Pays for itself

This whole process saves the farmer tens of thousands a year in equipment, chemical and labour costs, allowing the system to pay for its self time and time again.

Can be used for virtually any application

The BlueGold Labs HIOS system may be used for any type of contaminated water application a few examples where it has been used or has been proposed are:

  • Drastically reducing Algae in a holding pond for a nursery
  • Remediating a 100 % of garbage companies waste water daily in a closed loop system
  • In a pre and post treatment system for a 52 unit housing development for sewage pre treatment
  • We have designed systems for treating land based aquiculture farms for fish and shrimp
  • It has been used as part of a system to reduce 51,000 PPM salt water to 99.95% pure water
  • It has been used as part of a system converting oil contaminated water into clean reusable water
  • It can be used for damned areas where the water is becoming stagnant and polluted with algae
  • It may be used for remediating large bodies of water and even for dead zone reversals
  • It may be used in food processing plants as a pre-treatment for waste water
  • It is an excellent continuous flow pre-treatment option for any contaminated water issue and may be used as an addition for any sewage plant or waste treatment facility

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